Terms & Conditions for downloading photos:

- all photos are copyrighted and own by Cavanagh Photography. Please note that you do not own the images in any way. And your right to use the images is based on the conditions below.

- to give Photo Credit for printed material, which includes magazine ads or editorials, pamphlets or promotional materials. Credit will be given in the form of "Photography by Cavanagh Photography" either on, directly below or adjacent to the photo.

- to give Photo Credit for images used on the internet, which includes your website, blog or social media. Credit will be given in the form of "Photography by Cavanagh Photography" with a clickable link to http://cavanaghphotography.com.au​

- not alter the digital image in anyway other than resizing the image, which includes cropping, photoshopping, altering colour or exposure, adding logos or other elements.

- not on-sell the images to anyone, or use the photographs to sell a photographic product. For instance you may not create a line of greeting cards or t-shirts based on our photos.

- not to use the photos as part of a trademark or patent image.

-not to use any photo as part of a logo.

- not to use the photograph for any defamatory, unlawful or immoral content. Or in any way which may depict a person in the photo in a bad light or in a way which they may find offensive.


By downloading the photo(s) you hereby agree to the above terms & conditions.


How to download:
You can download a single photo or all the photos here.
Just click on a photo and there is an option above the photo to download the individual photo or "all available originals".